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PBX Monitor Revision History

2024-04-04 - 0.4.10
Updated Active Calls page to work with V20, note that version or higher is required.

2024-03-27 - 0.4.09
Updated Task Scheduler's Console Restrictions Remove Allowed IP to support V20.
Added code to prevent an accidental lockout.
Added Task Scheduler task to Add allowed IP in Console Restrictions, supporting V18 and V20

2024-03-20 - 0.4.08
Fixed a bug that caused the Digital Receptionists page to have a black background in the table, and display a JS error.

Bumped supported version for V18 to

2024-03-04 - 0.4.07
Minor bug fixes
Visual fix on the Ring Groups page for V18 servers.

2024-02-26 - 0.4.06
Refresh License scheduled tasks now works for V20
Updated the Automatic Service Restart feature to support V20
Added System Info command for V20 Servers, on PBX page.
Added Netstat command for V20 Servers
Added IPConfig command for V20 Servers
Added System Health command for V20 Servers
Added Running Processes command for v20 Servers.

2024-02-21 - 0.4.04
You can now reboot the 3CX Server from PBXMonitor as long as its version or later.
The option is in the Task Scheduler.
Other minor bugfixes.
Updated Check for Updates scheduled task to work for V20.
Updated Purge Event log scheduled task to work for V20.
Added V20s Database Maintenance to Task Scheduler

2024-01-31 - 0.4.01
Bridges page is partially working for V20
Added Custom Prompts page, only available for V20 servers.

2024-01-30 - 0.4.00
Recordings page now works with 3CX V20.
Call Log page now works on V20, including the exporter.

2024-01-22 - 0.3.99
Added DID visibility for Ring Group, Queue, and Digital Receptionist pages so you can see what DIDs are assigned to them.
Fixes and cleanup on the Digital Receptionist page.
Fixes on Ring Groups and Queues pages.
Fixed up Inbound Rules page to show the routes of all DIDs even though inbound rules in 3CX seem depreciated.

2024-01-19 - 0.3.98
Digital Receptionists can now be edited for V20
Added a few more options to queue editing for V20
Added some new input validation functions specifically crafted for V20

2024-01-17 - 0.3.96
Fixed Queue List page for V20
Queues in V20 are now editable via PBXMonitor

2024-01-16 - 0.3.95
Lots of minor tweaks and bugfixes to underlying system for V20 support.
A few graphical fixes to the current V20 pages.

2023-12-18 - 0.3.93
Added CRM Integration report in Compliance Section for showing what CRM Integrations are active on what PBXs, works for V18 and V20.
Inventory SBCs page fixed for V20, please note some fields are missing because V20 does not report them currently, we hope it does in a future patch.
Inventory Bridges now supports V20
Inventory Trunks now supports V20
Compliance E-Mail Servers now supports V20
Added SSL/TLS option to E-Mail Settings Page.

2023-12-14 - 0.3.92
Fixed Inventory Phones page for V20

2023-12-13 - 0.3.91
Ring Groups on V20 servers can now be editted inside PBXMonitor including adding and removing users.

2023-12-12 - 0.3.90
Minor fixes for V20, and minor fix for V18.0.9.20
More work on the V20 Ring Groups pages.  You can now add and remove members from ring groups within PBXMonitor.
You can now create new extensions in PBXMonitor for V20 servers.

2023-12-06 - 0.3.89
Increased the allowed length for usernames on PBX Connection details.
Fixed a bug that caused newly added servers to not go online sometimes because the Daemon cannot decide which version they are, so it cannot decide what language version to use.
This would most likely be the cause of newly added servers taking a lot time to connect, or not connecting until a test connection is run, the test function tries both versions blindly
so it obviously gets connected one way or the other, after that the version is known.

2023-12-05 - 0.3.88
Fixed the majority of the System Setting page, the top section doesnt work, but all the others do.

2023-12-04 - 0.3.87
Finished the SBC Pages for now, the APIs within 3CX V20 for the SBCs do not appear to be complete yet, lots of diag info not present yet.
Creating SBCs for V20 now works again.
System Services page works again for status, and can Restart services.
Firewall Checker page works again for status, and can Run Firewall Checks.
Support Info button on PBX page works again.
Restart Sevices Scheduled Task fixed for V20
Firewall Check Scheduled Task fixed for V20
IP Blacklist page Fixed, can show as well as add and remove blocked ips.
IP Block and Allow Scheduled Tasks fixed in Task Scheduler
System Extensions page fixed for V20
Event Log page updated for V20
Audit Log page updated for V20
Fixed Online Phones page can now reprovision and reboot IP Phones.
Increased allowed length of email addresses for PBXMonitor users.

2023-11-27 - 0.3.86
Updates to the Extensions page, it now indicates System Owners, and if 2FA is on for an extension, and what phone if any is attached.
Updates to the Extension Editting page, You can now edit extensions on V20.0.0.1340 servers, this is a beta, report any problems.
Updates to the SBC, and Trunks pages for V20, they are not done however.
Still lots to do to get the majority of V20.0.0.1340 working in PBXMonitor, but its coming along.

2023-11-22 - 0.3.85
Working on Updates for compatibility with 3CX V20.0.0.1340, but very much is not working atm, a lot was changed from the preview build to this one, please be patient as we work through it.
Basic Monitoring is working still, but much of the ability to change settings is not working for V20.0.0.1340

2023-11-16 - 0.3.84
Improvements to the Checkin Manager to mitigate some sensitivity to minor packet loss.
Altered the Checkin Manager so when packet loss occurs, it does not disable alarms on all servers even if they are actually reporting correctly, only if they fail to do so.

2023-11-15 - 0.3.83
Working on some new features for Dedicated Server customers, including an uptime tracker.
Minor Bug Fixes.

2023-11-01 - 0.3.82
Fixed Compliance Backup reports to properly report V20 servers
Fixed Compliance Automatic Update to properly report v20 Servers
Fixed Compliance Backup not showing data for servers backing up to SharePoint

2023-10-31 - 0.3.81
Minor bug fixes, updates to licensing code to remove some of the nag screens which drive both my customers, and me nuts.
Happy Halloween Everyone!

2023-10-10 - 0.3.80
Working on support for 3CX V20, a lot has changed, a lot still works, this will be a moving target as alpha builds change things.
For V20 builds, PBXMonitor requires being setup using a system owner extension, this is not optional.
Tested Central Backup with updates for V20, working, report any issues if you experience problems.
WARNING: All functionality for V20 is considered alpha, report issues so we can fix them!

2023-09-06 - 0.3.61
Fixed a bug in the minimal dashboard which would switch you to dark mode if you disabled sound.

2023-08-29 - 0.3.60
Modifications to menu system so certain menu options disappear for limited users, added role titled Reports Only, self explanatory.

2023-08-07 - 0.3.56
Added Export to Inbound Rules page.
Added Export to Licensing Inventory Report.
Added Export to IP Addressing Inventory Report.
Added Operating System/platform to Inventory Licensing & Inventory IPs reports.

2023-07-31 - 0.3.54
Fixed a bug in email templates

2023-07-29 - 0.3.53
Added Parenthesis to notification emails containing PBX names to assist in parsing the emails via ticketing systems.

2023-07-26 - 0.3.52
Fixed a bug on the Compliance Automatic Update page that causes it to render an iframe instead of taking you to the automatic update settings.

2023-07-19 - 0.3.51
Added Delete and Purge Functions to the Call Reports Section so it can be used to do cleanups.
Added Task Scheduler item to cleanup Call Reports older than X Days.

2023-07-19 - 0.3.50
Added check to see if Secondary Backup storage is assigned, and if so check that it is connected before the backup runs.
If the Backup storage has become disconnected by datacenter nightly maintenance, re-establish connection before backup runs.

2023-05-30 - 0.3.48
Modified Cloud Backup in PBXMonitor to show task creations and deletions in the Cloud Backup log instead of the General Log.
Added Delete All Tasks buttons on the Cloud Backups Section.
Modified so it alerts you to missing tasks for both Cleanup and Backup Pull.

2023-05-18 - 0.3.47
Added Office Hours page (Read Only)
Added Inventory pages for Office Hours and Holidays.

2023-05-09 - 0.3.46
Added Delete All Tasks button to Task Scheduler based on a feature request.

2023-04-28 - 0.3.45
Updated the Inventory > Active Calls page to a newer asyncronous mechanism that should make the page load much faster as it polls the PBXs in a more multi-threaded fashion.

2023-04-13 - 0.3.44
Fixed a bug that caused some 18.0.6 servers not to update to Update 7 when triggered from task scheduler, updating 18.0.6 to higher versions should work again via task scheduler.
Mass Upgrade PBXs has been removed as it only supports legacy version servers, Use the Task Scheduler going forwards as it supports old and new server versions.
Mass Upgrade SBCs has been removed as it only supports legacy version servers, Use the Task Scheduler going forwards as it supports old and new SBC versions.

2023-03-30 - 0.3.43
Added Update Client Installer, this will download the new client Install files to the 3CX Servers, Note that if there are two or more pending client updates, this task will only update one at a time
Thus if you want to update all clients, you should typically run this command twice per PBX, a few minutes apart.

2023-03-30 - 0.3.42
Added Risky Endpoints Compliance report which will specifically list all known compromised endpoints regarding the 3CX Desktop App Compromise.

2023-03-28 - 0.3.41
Fixed a bug that allowed orphaned and deleted SBCs to still showup on the Maps.
An orphaned SBC will self delete after 7 days of not reporting data.
Added a check to delete an SBC from the Map if it is deleted from the PBX from PBXMonitor.
Fixed a bug that caused SBCs to remain in PBXMonitor as orphans after their PBX was deleted.
Fixed a bug that allowed Scheduled Tasks to remain for a PBX that has been deleted.

2023-03-24 - 0.3.40
Fixed PBX Health Report for Version 18.0.7 and higher.

2023-03-15 - 0.3.39
Added Call Log aggregator to the Inventory section, it will make it possible to browse call logs across all servers, going back 7 days.
Added Call Log Search to be able to search up to 90 days back for call log entries.

2023-03-14 - 0.3.38
Added Blocking and Unblocking of numbers to the Task Scheduler so it can be used in mass.
Initial Testing for 3CX Version

2023-02-24 - 0.3.37
Fixed a bug that prevented you from using spaces in First or Last names when editting extensions.

2023-02-20 - 0.3.36
Added Failover Settings section, please note this is a beta feature, report any bugs!
Added basic support for showing Passive Failover Servers as non-alerting as long as they are online.
Added Refresh License Scheduled Tasks, that will trigger a server to re-sync its license data with 3CX, which makes upgrades and renewals take effect on the server.

2023-02-13 - 0.3.35
PBXMonitor Defender has been updated, and will no longer issue auto-blocks for any IP that is in the Central Whitelist in PBXMonitor.
It will also scale its threshold for blocking based on the total number of PBXs in the account, to keep sensitivity from being overwhelmed by large numbers of PBXs.

2023-02-13 - 0.3.34
Fixed a bug in the new Dashboard API that caused the Alerts Only API to default to showing all servers.
Updated Defender to scale the number of PBXs impacted based on total number of monitored PBXs.

2023-02-08 - 0.3.33
API Access to the Dashboard data is now available.
Added Whitelist IP to Task Scheduler.

2023-01-19 - 0.3.32
Fixed a bug in the Emergency Rules that caused the page to show an empty table is a server failed to respond to the rule check.

2022-12-29 - 0.3.31
Fixes to the Compliance Automatic Update page to support V18.0.6.x
Fixed to the Compliance Backup Policies page to support V18.0.6.x
Fixed to the Compliance Backup Destinations page to support V18.0.6.x
Updates to Task Scheduler Backup function to support V18.0.6.x changes.  Should work now!
Updates to the Upgrade PBX page to support version 18.0.6.x, scheduled task updates not ready yet for V18.0.6.x
Tidy up the backup settings code for v18.0.6.x

2022-12-25 - 0.3.30
Upgraded Central Backup in PBXMonitor to work with 3CX Version, unfortunately the standalone version will not be compatible with versions after 18.0.6.x.
Built in support for the new security updates that shipped with V18.0.6.x
Other fixes and changes required to support V18.0.6.x

2022-11-28 - 0.3.26
Fixed a bug in the coordinate processing for SBCs that would cause the world map to fail to load due to coordinates being out of bounds sometimes.
Also fixed a bug that was causing the failover status of SBCs to show incorrectly on world maps, but correctly on SBC details pages.

2022-11-26 - 0.3.25
Added SBCs to the PBXMonitor World Map, you can configure map coordinates at Manage PBXs > (PBX) > 3CX SBCs > Click an SBC.

2022-11-22 - 0.3.24
Altered Maps to show a Server with Caution Tape icon for servers that have active alerts, but whos alarms are disabled.
Altered Alert texts so that alert messages can stack, rather than over-write each other, so it is easier to see when a server has multiple alerts.

2022-11-21 - 0.3.23
Added Map Center position setting to Settings > Account Settings page, so you can now configure where the World Map view defaults to.

2022-11-15 - 0.3.22
Updated Dashboards to show the Number of GB of free disk space instead of a percentage if Disk Space or Recording Space is in an alert status.
Added French Language Dashboards.
Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Hosted by 3CX servers not to be able to create upgrade scheduled tasks.
Added Map Zoom Level adjustment to Settings > Account Settings page.

2022-11-13 - 0.3.21
Added Call Reports to PBXMonitor, You can now download and view call reports from your PBXs from PBXMonitor.
Re-Ordered Menu buttons on PBX page slightly to make room for Reports Button

2022-11-10 - 0.3.20
Google Authenticator is now supported for 2 factor authentication for PBXMonitor.  Note that this is a beta, report any issues to support!
Revisions to the Administration area for 2 factor authentication.
To prepare 2 factor authentication, you must go to Administration > Accounts, Edit each account and save it once the QR code appears.
Once all your PBXMonitor Users say Ready in the Authentication column, Contact support to have us force your accounts to use 2 factor.
For more information see this Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nilrp0HEK-A

2022-11-07 - 0.3.19
Fixed a bug that allowed passwords that did not meet length requirements to be used during password reset in Administration.
Fixed a bug that allowed passwords that did not meet length requirements to be used during user creation in Administration.

2022-11-06 - 0.3.18
Updated code in PBX Health Report to the new format for SIP Credential warnings, which slightly changed.

2022-11-05 - 0.3.17
Released the Alpha Builds of the Ring Group and Call Queue pages.
Warning, these pages are works in progress, and are mostly display only except for a few working controls.

2022-11-03 - 0.3.16
Modified Audit Log page to show Admin Logins but filter out those originating from PBXMonitor.

2022-11-01 - 0.3.15
Updated Stats Chart system to correctly track outages, there was a bug in the outage logging.

2022-10-21 - 0.3.14
Fixed a bug on the Digital Receptionists page that caused you not to be able to set Timeout, or Invalid Input options to higher numbered extensions.

2022-10-17 - 0.3.13
Added a feature to the connection test tool to show when DNS Resolution failure of an FQDN occurs typically meaning a FQDN is spelled incorrectly.

2022-10-13 - 0.3.12
Added a safety feature to the PBXMonitor Cloud Backup system that will prevent it from deleting old backups if a PBX is down or otherwise offline.
Fixed a bug that was causing cleanup jobs to loose their recurrence and dissappear.
Added feature to search so that if there are multiple results, it takes you to the Manage PBXs page, showing only the search results.

2022-10-07 - 0.3.11
Released Beta version of PBXMonitor's Built in cloud backup.
Updates to the Cloud Storage section, and storage quotas.

2022-10-06 - 0.3.10
Revised the code in the Inbound Rules Editting page to fix a few bugs in which you could only see a small number of extensions.

2022-10-04 - 0.3.09
Added Storage indicator on the main home bar for Cloud Backup coming features.
More Pre-coding for the cloud backup upcoming feature.

2022-09-30 - 0.3.08
Added Column Sorting and Search to the Task Scheduler to make it easier to sort and find Scheduled Tasks when there are large numbers.
Changed Central Backup to a Category and added the old 3CX Backup for Windows tool to a new page inside it.
Added Stored Cloud Backups page to show any 3CX System Backups stored within PBXMonitor, this is part of a new feature that has not been released yet.
Added Cloud Backup Log section under settings to show log entries generated by the yet to be released Cloud Backup feature.
Added Button for Cloud Backup Settings which is not finished yet, so for now the button does nothing.

2022-09-29 - 0.3.07
Added feature to view the logs for individual users by clicking their username from the Administration > Accounts page.
Increased Log Viewers under settings to show 5000 lines instead of 250 lines per page to make log searching faster.

2022-09-27 - 0.3.06
Fixed a long standing graphical bug that caused servers without a defined Recording Quota to show NAN on the dashboard instead of N/A.

2022-09-21 - 0.3.05
Added support for SMTP Username to be different than From Address when using your own SMTP Server.
Added Link to our new YouTube channel on the main menu as it contains several tutorial guides now.
Adjusted the system template to reduce the margins of the center content window to remove dead space so there is more usable space.

2022-09-19 - 0.3.04
Confirmed support for 3CX Release
Added Compliance > Automatic Update Settings page to audit the Automatic Update settings on the PBXs.
Added Ability to Use SLA tags for Task Scheduler, Add Tags to your PBXs to use this feature, Available Tags are, SLA1, SLA2, SLA3, and SLA4

2022-09-13 - 0.3.03
Added E-Mail Alert for when a 3CX Server's Partner ID is changed, will also be logged in PBXMonitor as well.

2022-09-09 - 0.3.02
Added Compliance > 3CX Notifications page to manage Admin Notification settings in mass.

2022-09-06 - 0.3.01
Fixed a bug in the Inbound Rules Editting page.
Fixed a bug in the SSL Certificate Inventory functions that caused some wildcard certificates to show blank information.

2022-09-05 - 0.3.00
Fixed a graphical anomaly on the Central Security > Distribution Log page.
Updated Task Scheduler to have 2 month, and 3 month recurring options, so you can do quarterly tasks.
Added E-Mail Server settings, and Notification Settings to System Settings page.
Added Recording Quota Settings to the Recordings page.
Added Voicemail Quota Settings to the Recordings page.

2022-09-03 - 0.3.00
Updates to the logging system, to make it easier to sort out the white noise, find the new options under Settings.
Also the recent actions log which shows on the bottom of the PBX page has been optimized not to show Defender entries, and also limit the rows shown to speed it up.
PBX page auto-refresh has been adjusted to 120 seconds instead of 60 seconds.

2022-08-23 - 0.2.99
Added ability to control 3CXs built in Automatic Update process.
Optimised and cleaned up Functions greatly improving speed for:
Inventory - Phones
Inventory - Backup Policies
Inventory - Backup Destinations
Extensions - Set Status
Extensions - Send Welcome E-Mail
Recordings Downloading
SBC Creation
Backups Listing
General Settings
Security Settings
Trimmed out approximately 400 lines of superfluous code
Fixed bug in Parameter editor that was causing descriptions to disappear

2022-08-22 - 0.2.98
Released Beta version of Backup Settings page.

2022-08-07 - 0.2.97
Fixed a bug in the new polling daemon code that was causing some servers to fail to open a new session properly if their session had dropped due to an error, timeout, etc...

2022-08-01 - 0.2.96
Updated the polling daemon to more efficient code that should both reduce the memory usage of the daemon, and make it query servers faster.
Revised the trunk and sbc check functions with similar improvements from the new polling daemon code.

2022-07-29 - 0.2.95
Added Color coding to Last Backup field on PBX Pages based on feature request.
Added Voiceflex in the UK to the Provider Status page.
World Map added to dashboard options, note that this feature is in beta.

2022-07-14 - 0.2.94
Added Activity Log Purge to the Task Scheduler
Added Activity Log Logging Level settings to the Task Scheduler
Revamped the Event Log screen on individual PBXs.
Revamped the Activity Log page layout
Added Ability to change logging level, and logging number of days.

2022-06-28 - 0.2.92
PBXMonitor Defender released, A new feature that will automatically blacklist any IP that attacks, on all your PBXs, automatically.
Numerous updates to the logging system to make them easier to understand, and seperate actions by background automation versus the root user.
New Scheduled Task item to blacklist ips to PBXs in mass.

2022-05-24 - 0.2.90
Task Scheduler can now Reboot All Phones using a scheduled task
Task Scheduler can now Reprovision All Phones using a scheduled task
Fixed a bug that was actually preventing Reboot and Reprovision commands from working on V18 servers.
Massive Cleanup of older code, some of which dated back to support for 15.0.0 servers.
Tons of optimization work on existing functions to speed them up, and reduce memory overhead.
Probably some more stuff, but this was what I had for notes after my little 4 hour binge code writing session.

2022-05-22 - 0.2.85
More work on System Settings section, Operator Extension, and Unpark destinations are now editable.
Setup Auto-Save on extensions pages.
Inbound Rules are now editable.

2022-05-19 - 0.2.84
Added Event Log Purge/Cleanup to Task Scheduler.
Added Firmware Cleanup to Task Scheduler.
Converted General Settings page to System Settings, and added a lot of new options to it.

2022-05-16 - 0.2.83
Added IPv6 Support to the Inventory IPs page, and the PBX pages.

2022-05-09 - 0.2.82
Added some new Definitions to Audit Log.
Added Date Search to Stats Chart Page to filter down to Given Date Ranges.
Minor Visual Fixes and Adjustments.

2022-04-25 - 0.2.81
Added the ability to Tag servers so they can be searched for easily on the manage PBXs page.

2022-04-14 - 0.2.80
Fixed a bug in the E-Mail Servers Compliance Report that caused servers set to Microsoft 365 to cause a type error
Added Scheduled Task for Generate Support Info
Backup Scheduled Tasks now have an optional time variable you can use to add the current date/time to the filename of a backup job so recurring backups do not override each other.
Using this name backupjob-TIME to create the task will result in creating a backup named backupjob-20220414-1328.zip
the variable is replaced at runtime, so the same scheduled task if recurring will generate unique filenames.
The datetime format is YYYYMMDD-HHMM

2022-04-12 - 0.2.79
Added Check for Updates to the Task Scheduler so you can make the servers perform update checks on a schedule from PBXMonitor.

2022-04-11 - 0.2.78
Recurring Scheduled Tasks are now available in the Task Scheduler, please use them responsibly, we are not responsible for tasks that collide or over-run each other
on the same PBX if you carelessly schedule them too close togeather.

2022-04-11 - 0.2.77
Implemented new Ping, Ping TCP, and existing whois tools into the system PBX pages, and the main menu as well.

2022-04-07 - 0.2.76
Grammerical and graphical fixes and Translation adjustments to the PBX Health Report to correct improper translations.

2022-04-06 - 0.2.75
Added Ping Test to PBXs, and their SBCs to help detect packet loss, and high latency conditions.
Linked the Ping and Whois tools togeather so you can go back and fourth between them.
Fixed a bug that caused failed polling attempts to not be logged into the stats chart properly.

2022-04-04 - 0.2.74
Added Ability to Manage Console Restrictions Allowed IPs via PBXMonitor for add and remove functions.
Now you can enable, disable, and manage IPs on console restrictions for your PBXs.

2022-04-04 - 0.2.73
Revamped the Central Blacklist section so it does not require a seperate page to add IPs.
Added Central Whitelist functionality so you can create a whitelist to be deployed out to firewalls and other gateway devices similar to how the central blacklist works.

2022-03-31 - 0.2.72
Added ability to Resync/Re-Index, and Convert Recordings as a scheduled Task in the Task Scheduler, this is useful when recordings are moved, manually copied in during a migration, and some other times as well.

2022-03-28 - 0.2.71
Added ability to Delete SBCs to the PBX SBCs page, so you can now create, provision, and remove SBCs without ever logging into 3CX.
Added ability to add IPs with CIDR masks to the central blacklist, and also updated the whois tool to not freak out when it is given a IP with a CIDR.

2022-03-27 - 0.2.70
Added ability to update system prompts from Task Scheduler.
Added ability to update Phone Templates from Task Scheduler.

2022-03-22 - 0.2.69
Adjusted Memory yellow alert threshold to 75% instead of 70%

2022-03-21 - 0.2.68
Fixed a bug on the phones page that caused clicking an extension number to lead to a extension page with no data.

2022-03-18 - 0.2.67
Created brand new SIP Bridges section in Inventory.
Rebuilt the Bridges section for individual PBXs to show Webmeeting and Master/Slave bridges in that section instead of trunks.
Updated the Trunk, SBC, and Bridge Sections to properly display corresponding items and reduce clutter
Webmeeting Trunks will now show up in Bridges to reduce clutter.

2022-03-18 - 0.2.66
Altered Extensions page to default to 25 per page instead of 10
Fixed a bug in the Compliance > E-Mail Servers report that caused an error message if a server was offline, or did not respond.
Fixed a bug in the Compliance > Whitelist Check report that caused an error message if a server was offline, or did not respond.
Fixed a bug in the Compliance > General Security report that caused an error message if a server was offline, or did not respond.
Fixed a bug in the Compliance > TLS Certificates report that caused an error message if a server was offline, or did not respond.
Fixed a bug in the Compliance > Backup Policies report that caused an error message if a server was offline, or did not respond.
Fixed a bug in the Compliance > Backup Destinations report that caused an error message if a server was offline, or did not respond.
Fixed a bug in the Compliance > HOL DR report that caused an error message if a server was offline, or did not respond.
Fixed a bug in the Compliance > Emergency Rules report that caused an error message if a server was offline, or did not respond.
Overhauled the background polling system to run smaller batches, but twice as frequently, and to prioritize servers which are recently added to PBXMonitor.
This is the process that detects the operating system, checks for new blacklisted IPs, and a few other minor tasks.
This should reduce the delay in getting new data from existing servers, and move newly added PBXs to the front of the line.
If there are no newly added PBXs to expedite, it will instead prioritize the servers that have gone the longest number of seconds since their last background poll
instead of just polling servers randomly without any designated priority, which on occasion allowed servers to get skipped.

2022-03-17 - 0.2.65
Fixed a bug in the Online Phones page of a PBX that caused the IP Lookup button to result in a blank lookup.
Grouped the Firewall and Hosting Type icons over with the Operating System icon instead of by themselves in the Name column on dashboards.

2022-03-12 - 0.2.64
Updated the Task Scheduler to be able to target PBXs by operating system and hosting type.
Improved organization of Task Scheduler options.

2022-03-09 - 0.2.63
Servers will now indicate if they are behind a NAT Firewall, or directly public facing on the dashboards, Manage PBXs page, and their own PBX page.

2022-02-25 - 0.2.62
Added button on Manage PBXs page that indicates whether a PBX has a customer email address assigned for support contact in PBXMonitor for service related emails.
This button is clickable to send an individual email to the support contact.
Added Skyetel to the provider status page even though they don't fully support it.

2022-01-24 - 0.2.61
Added Trunk Offset feature so you can offset the number of trunks used for alarms on the dashboard.

2022-01-14 - 0.2.60
Added the Ability to create and provision SBCs directly from PBXMonitor.
Altered the SBC provisioning link to be more readable using Courier New Font.
Added Seperate field to show just the Authentication ID on the SBC page.

2022-01-04 - 0.2.59
Added Numerous Trunk Providers to the Provider Status Page.
Updated Dashboards to consider 3CX Versions and older to be Semi-Critical Alerts as they are being docommed by the vendor and licensing servers are going offline.
Updated Dashboards to consider 3CX Versions 15.5 and older to be Critical Alerts as they are being docommed by the vendor and licensing servers are going offline.

2021-12-30 - 0.2.58
Added Provider Status Report which has the ability to ping carriers SIP Endpoints to see if they are online.

2021-12-29 - 0.2.57
Added Storage Assessment to the PBX Health Report.
Added Disaster Recovery Assessment to the PBX Health Report.
Re-Arranged Network Security Assessment to the bottom to improve printing.

2021-12-29 - 0.2.56
Updated Automatic Service Restart feature to fix a bug that caused it to not work properly on Windows based V18.0.2.x Servers.

2021-12-28 - 0.2.55
Updated V18 api to fix a change so that Compliance Reports now show the proper state of SecureSIP for V18.0.1+ servers.
Updated Database to fix a compatibility issue that came up on the latest version of MariaDB when updating mirrors.
Updates to the logic of the polling daemon so it makes slightly better use of memory.

2021-12-22 - 0.2.54
Log4j Security Bulletin: PBXMonitor is not affected by the recent security incident regarding Log4J, PBXMonitor does not utilize any Java code, or the affected packages...

2021-12-04 - 0.2.54
Added a number of metrics to the PBX Health Report to make it cover a lot more PBX Features.

2021-12-02 - 0.2.52
Added first version of the PBX Health Report.
Fixed up some UI oddities.

2021-11-18 - 0.2.51
Added Backup to Task Scheduler with ability to add custom filename.
Fixed up some log titles.

2021-11-10 - 0.2.50
Added Whitelist Check page which will show you which servers do and do not have PBXMonitor properly whitelisted.
The page can also whitelist the proper PBXMonitor IP for you with a single click for servers which have it missing.
Also some security updates to our core platform.

2021-11-06 - 0.2.49
Added Google Translate builtin to PBXMonitor for our non-english customers.
The Google Translate elements can be disabled on a per customer basis for those who do not need it, just email support and ask for such.

2021-10-28 - 0.2.48
Added OS Detection for 3CX Hosted Linux Servers as they are a little bit different, now they will show up with a color inverted penguin icon for OS.
Fixed a bug that caused the ignore versions button on the dashboards to cease to work properly.

2021-10-20 - 0.2.47
Revamped the SBC Dashboards to now show a ton more information, CPU, RAM, BW usage, etc.
Completely revamped the SBC Details pages that show the vital statistics of your SBCs, now showing CPU, RAM, DISK, Bandwidth usage, etc for your SBCs.

2021-10-15 - 0.2.46
Revamped the General Settings page, it now has the ability to change settings, not just view them, but only for v18+ servers.
Revamped the Blocked Numbers page, it can now add numbers and remove them.

2021-10-14 - 0.2.45
Added SBC Upgrades to Task Scheduler, you can upgrade them all now with Scheduled Tasks.
Added SBC Push Config to Task Scheduler, you can now push config updates via Scheduled Tasks as well.
Tons of revisions to the PBXMonitor Logging of user actions to make it a lot more helpful.
PBX Page now shows recent actions taken involving the given PBX at the bottom.
Fixed a bug that prevented you from promoting a staff member to have Full Admin rights after they had been created or altered with lesser rights.

2021-10-12 - 0.2.43
Added Ability to reset individual and all trunks for a PBX on the Scheduled Tasks page.
Allowed use of decimals in the Scheduled Task options field for setting fractional hours, 0.5 etc...
Added ability to refresh all trunks on Trunks Page itself.

2021-10-07 - 0.2.42
Updated the dashboards to be able to survive a momentary database busy incident so that they do not crash out during nightly database backups and maintenance windows.
Dashboards should now present a loading message in the event the Database is busy and wait for it to finish, and then reconnect all by themselves.

2021-10-05 - 0.2.41
Added the new feature to Auto-Restart 3CX Services in the event of a Service going down, this is a opt-in feature and is not enabled by default, Please read the notes before using it.

2021-09-29 - 0.2.40
Fixed a bug on the Security Setting page that prevented adjusting anti-hack settings properly on V18.0.0.1880.

2021-09-28 - 0.2.39
Added Mass E-Mail tool to Manage PBXs page so you can generate an E-Mail that will popup in your E-Mail client pre-filled with the E-Mail addresses you assign to each PBX in the BCC.

2021-09-24 - 0.2.38
Added Service Status to the Stats Charts so you can see if any services were in error state historically.
Added the Service Manager page, find it where the Restart Services button used to be on the PBX page.

2021-09-17 - 0.2.37
Added ability for Task Scheduler to Upgrade Debian 9 to 10, and 3CX V16 to V18.

2021-08-19 - 0.2.36
Fixed a bug in which the SBC Dashboard would prompt for login endlessly on wall displays using authcode.

2021-08-18 - 0.2.35
Updated Dashboard handling of License and Maintenance Expiration Warnings to be more useful and clear.
Updated so that License and Maintenance that is Expiring soon, or has expired shows as Yellow and Red on PBX Page.
Updated so PBX page shows Red if automatic backup is not enabled.
Updated Inventory - Licensing page so that License and Maintenance Expiration is reflected with Yellow or Red.

2021-07-28 - 0.2.34
Added Emergency Number Rule Compliance Report

2021-07-19 - 0.2.33
Initial Support confirmed for 3CX Beta V18.0.0.1849

2021-07-12 - 0.2.33
Updates to the SBC Dashboards.

2021-07-05 - 0.2.32
Added some additional options to the Disable Alarms Drop down.

2021-07-01 - 0.2.31
Updated Admin Users listing page for V18 Update 5 servers as it was not working properly with them.

2021-06-10 - 0.2.30
Dashboard Adjustments so that outdated versions show yellow, but New, Alpha, and Beta versions show as a light blue.

2021-06-02 - 0.2.29
Fix to Compliance - General Security section for V18.0.0.1379 Servers due to API Changes.
Fix to the Mobile App so it can control Console Restrictions on V18.0.0.1379 Servers.

2021-06-01 - 0.2.29
Updates to numerous sections for compatibility with version which has a lot of API changes.

2021-05-17 - 0.2.28
Released Beta Phone Firmware update feature.
Added Firmware Update feature to the task scheduler system.

2021-05-04 - 0.2.27
Added Admin Users section to PBX page to display all extension users whom have admin rights.
Added ability to enable and disable console restrictions from PBXMonitor with PBXMonitors IP auto-added to allow list to prevent accidental blocking of PBXMonitor.
Misc fixes to the UI in security sections.

2021-04-26 - 0.2.26
Updated Task Scheduler to support conditional upgrades if the PBX has backed up within last 3 hours.
Added documentation for Task Scheduler to FAQ popup.
Added Generate Support Info Function.

2021-04-12 - 0.2.25
Initial Release of Task Scheduler.

2021-04-10 - 0.2.24
Fixed a cache bug causing issues when editing extension settings within PBXMonitor.

2021-04-01 - 0.2.23
Restructured inventory and added several features into a new Compliance section.
Added General Security and Security Settings pages.

2021-03-30 - 0.2.22
Added Security Settings for each PBX including the ability to Enable/Disable Console Restrictions.

2021-03-23 - 0.2.20
Disable All Alarms button will no longer over-write a longer disablement on PBXs that are already disabled.
Updated polling code to try to detect if the poll manager is lagging, and avoid sending erroneous alert emails if it is.
Updated polling code to first ping cloudflare & google to see if the mirror is online, if offline, skip polling PBXs.

2021-03-10 - 0.2.18
Updated Database and Code for Stats Charts to track Call License across license changes.

2021-02-02 - 0.2.17
Updated the Quota Refresh tool to show the values it gets back on its queries.
Updated to the database, more less behind the scenes stuff.

2021-01-15 - 0.2.16
Fixed some calculations on PBX page and Resource Usage to use proper units, some were using Gibibyes instead of Gigabytes, etc.
Updated the API checkins to support 3CX V18.0.0.451 Beta.
3CX v18 Beta support now enabled!
Added support for 3CX V18s new Audit Log

2021-01-13 - 0.2.15
The long awaited ability for users to change their own Auth Codes for the wall displays and dashboards has arrived, See the Account Settings.

2021-01-12 - 0.2.14
Fixed a typo in the math that calculates the RAM usage for a PBX on the PBX page, this did not affect dashboards, only the pbx page itself.

2021-01-07 - 0.2.13
Updated Phones page as the 3CX apis changed slightly and the App for Windows was not showing correctly.

2021-01-02 - 0.2.12
Added SBC Mass Upgrade tool, Merry Christmas everyone, this has been asked for a lot.  Inventory - 3CX SBCs

2020-12-30 - 0.2.11
Edits to the Add/Edit PBX page as people cannot seem to quit putting 0 or blank in the port field, and then submitting tickets complaining about connection issues.
The page will no longer accept 0, empty, or values over 65535 in the port field.

2020-12-10 - 0.2.10
Setup Thresholds for alerting on Virtual Memory for the dashboards.
Added Dashboard Critical Alert if 3CX Server License expires within 10 days.
Discovered a bug in the PBXRPC Handler that could cause it to not authenticate properly in some conditions and fixed it.

2020-12-09 - 0.2.09
Fixed a OS indicator glitch on the PBX Page.

2020-12-08 - 0.2.08
Modifications to the Central Backup License API for future versions to activate simpler.
Added support for Virtual Memory Status and Averaging to PBXMonitor and PBXMonitor Mobile.

2020-12-05 - 0.2.07
Added the Global Stats Chart to make it easy to see all PBXs at a glance and sort easily to see if any are peaking their licenses, or other resources.
This data is also made exportable to Excel.

2020-12-04 - 0.2.06
Bug-fixes and additions to the Mobile App Backend to support some new features in the next app version.
Fixed Delete PBX Function in PBXMonitor so it also cleans up old logs from the server that was deleted.

2020-12-03 - 0.2.05
Addition of Average Displays on the Home page of PBXMonitor Portal.
Pre-Coding and Database Architecture Modifications to support several future features.

2020-11-23 - 0.2.03
Added Voicemail Quota View on PBX pages so you can see how full the Voicemail Quota is.

2020-11-19 - 0.2.02
Patched a bug that caused the duration field to be blank or erroneous on Active Calls and Inventory Calls pages.

2020-11-18 - 0.2.01
Initial testing for 3CX BETA completed, report any oddities you see with it.

2020-11-11 - 0.2.00
Updated phones inventory page for 3CX  The inventory page will no longer function for servers older than
Added CSV Export to Call Logs on PBX Pages

2020-11-09 - 0.1.99
Paginated the Extensions page as on servers with several hundred extensions the page would timeout due to the requirement to poll extension status in a seperate call per extension on 16.0.6+ servers.

2020-10-29 - 0.1.98
Building backend support for our new Mobile App offering, more news to come on this...

2020-09-22 - 0.1.97
Initial Support for 3CX

2020-09-10 - 0.1.96
3CX Updated their encoding for some API responses, and we had to update our code accordingly.
Online Phones page will no longer work with Pre- systems.  The code is too different.

2020-09-04 - 0.1.95
Updated Active Calls to new format of duration calculation, Duration will no longer show correctly for Pre- servers.

2020-08-26 - 0.1.94
Initial Testing and Support for 3CX Release
Added CSV Export feature to the Stats Chart.

2020-08-25 - 0.1.93
Changes to verbiage on several pages referencing the Monitoring IP for users to allow.

2020-08-12 - 0.1.92
Adjustments to OS Detection code.

2020-08-01 - 0.1.91
Updates to extensions pages, you can now download the provisioning template for phones for easy import to their Web GUI's.
Initial Support and Testing for 3CX Beta Completed!

2020-07-24 - 0.1.90
Extensions are now editable in PBXMonitor.

2020-07-22 - 0.1.87
Updated Certificate Inventory tool to color code based on expiration dates.

2020-07-20 - 0.1.86
Added Ability to change Extension Status on Extensions pages.
Added Ability to change Queue Status on Extensions pages.
Numerous fixed to API calls for the new 3CX 16.0.6.x betas as they seem to be cleaning it up.

2020-07-19 - 0.1.85
Modified Mass Upgrade page to show if automatic update is enabled, and its settings.

2020-07-17 - 0.1.84
Added TLS Certificate inspection to the Hidden Debug tool accessible from the overview dashboard.
Updated the hidden Debug tool to show more meaningfull responses.
Updated the HOL DR Audit for 3CX Beta as they changed the ID handling in the API.
Numerous graphical adjustments on various pages, notably PBX and Stats chart.

2020-07-17 - 0.1.83
Added Inventory tool to audit SSL/TLS Certificates and their expiration.
Added SSL/TLS Certificate Diagnostic and Status Tool on PBX Pages.
Re-Organized and color coded Buttons on PBX Pages.

2020-07-16 - 0.1.82
Added Refresh License function to PBX Pages.
Added support for 3CX Beta and performed initial testing.

2020-07-08 - 0.1.81
Added support for Google Buckets Backup method to Backup Inventory section.

2020-06-26 - 0.1.80
Extensive Re-Writes to the Firewall Checker Module, it no longer pops false positives when the check has not been run in a long time.
Graphical refinements also to the Firewall Checker module.
Pre-coding elements added for the future user permissions levels settings that are in development.
Made Administration Menu visible to all users.

2020-06-19 - 0.1.78
Added Audit Logging for major actions, so the actions of PBXMonitor users can be reviewed in the PBXMonitor Logs under Settings.
Editing, Upgrading, Adding, Removing, PBXs or Users and much more is now logged by Username and Initiating IP Address.

2020-06-14 - 0.1.77
Tested with 3CX Version, no changes needed.

2020-05-25 - 0.1.77
Added Global Enable and Disable Alarms buttons for maintenance purposes to disable all alarms as needed, and then re-enable them.

2020-05-21 - 0.1.76
Added SBC IP:Port on the extensions pages for physical phones that are SBC connected.
Demoted 3CX to a out of date version now that 5.611/5.612 has now been out a while.

2020-05-20 - 0.1.75
Added QR Code for App Provisioning to extensions pages!

2020-05-20 - 0.1.74
Added ability to download App provisioning config files for all extensions from within PBXMonitor.
Added Send Welcome E-Mail button to all Extension Details pages so its easier to find.
Changes Welcome E-Mail function to redirect you back to the page you triggered it from, rather than always sending you to the extension list.
Added WebClient Enabled/Disabled Status, and WebClient Password to Extension Pages.

2020-05-19 - 0.1.73
Added General Settings visibility on the PBX Pages, top right button now.
Bumped the Blocked Numbers button to the bottom line of the PBX Page Menu.

2020-05-10 - 0.1.72
Rebuilt the alerting system for Trunks and SBCs, hopefully less flapping on SBCs.
SBCs and Trunks now alert independently, and show the name of what trunk dropped.
Removed superfluous code on trunks page, no visible changes.

2020-05-07 - 0.1.71
Added Indicator on Homepage to show which mirror a node is running from.
Building functionality for the core system to auto-update from the main build image on the main USA Server.
Other fixes and adjustments to work in a diverged clustered environment.

2020-05-02 - 0.1.70
Added Australian Datacenter Mirror to boost speed and lower pings for our Australian friends.

2020-04-26 - 0.1.69
Updates to enable upgrading 3CX PBX Major Versions from within PBXMonitor.
Creation of the new Mass Upgrade tool in the Inventory Section.

2020-04-09 - 0.1.68
Improvements to the homepage of PBXMonitor Panel:
|-Alert if default password has not been changed.
|-Alert if root E-Mail address is not set for alerts.
Improvements to the account settings page:
|-Show E-Mail address, and show alert if it is not set.
|-Password policy now requires 14+ characters.
|-Alert if default password has not been changed.
|-Send Test E-Mail Function Added.

2020-04-05 - 0.1.67
Initial testing for 3CX Version Beta Completed.

2020-03-17 - 0.1.66
Updates to the dashboards so that licenses expiring in 60 days or less alarm passively, and show a countdown.

2020-03-13 - 0.1.65
Initial testing for 3CX Versions Beta and Release Completed.

2020-02-20 - 0.1.64
Added Activity Log viewer to PBX page.
Minor fixes to graphical on numerous pages.

2020-02-18 - 0.1.63
Initial Testing and support for 3CX confirmed.
Added Holiday Digital Receptionist Audit tool for finding dead ends that occur only during holiday events.

2020-02-12 - 0.1.62
Added Source Port detection to Online Phones page, this allows you to see what ephemeral port the phone is using as the source port to connect to 3CX over SIP.

2020-01-12 - 0.1.61
Added Backup Destination inventory page.

2020-01-02 - 0.1.60
Added Backup Policy inventory tool that allows you to see the backup settings of all PBXs in a single report to find servers which are not in compliance with backup policy.
This feature was developed for the large reseller/MSPs who have many servers, and wanted an easy way to verify the servers are all backing up with proper settings.

2019-12-28 - 0.1.59
Changed function of BKUP column in dashboard, previously it only indicated if automatic backup was enabled or not.
BKUP Column Now indicates if Backups are enabled or not, And the time since last backup, if the time is greater than 48 hours, it flashes.
Added Dashboard Help Guide, Find the button at the bottom of the overview dashboards.

2019-12-26 - 0.1.58
Added Database Usage Stats to License Information Section.

2019-12-18 - 0.1.57
Initial Testing and Compatibility for 3CX Release V16.0.4.493 verified.

2019-12-11 - 0.1.56
Initial build release of the SBC Dashboard, early beta version.

2019-12-03 - 0.1.55
Initial Testing and Compatibility for 3CX Beta V16.0.4.485 verified.

2019-12-02 - 0.1.54
Fixed a minor bug in the Dashboards which would de-alarm a system in the rare instance Active Calls exceeds Max Calls.  Systems will now alarm if Active = Max, or Active > Max

2019-11-23 - 0.1.53
Due to a hickup in the self update mechanism we use to push patches/updates down to the many PBXMonitor instances,
some instances did not get the patch for the password bug regarding long length passwords not being stored correctly
into the database, we discovered this when another instance encountered the same bug after the fix was supposedly
deployed, we identified the issue, fixed it, and redeployed the fix, and manually verified it was successfully
applied to all live instances.

2019-11-20 - 0.1.53
Added highlighted display of Alarm Disable time on PBX pages so on a PBXs page you can see how long the alarms are disabled for.
Extensive re-write on the friendly time display functions which convert unix timestamps to human readable timers to better support the above feature.
More testing with 3CX v16.0.4.461, so far so good.

2019-11-14 - 0.1.52
Added initial support for the new 3CX V16.0.4.461.
Fixed a bug that was causing some PBX Passwords that were longer than a given length to become corrupted during encoding and storage to the database.  This may have caused
issues for you attempting to add a PBX with a significantly long password, and caused it to not connect/checkin properly.  This has been resolved.  If you believe one of
your PBXs which is showing as offline, or refuses to checkin may have been caused by this problem, Delete the PBX from PBXMonitor, and re-add it to fix the problem.

2019-11-06 - 0.1.51
Fixed the display of time since last checkin on Manage PBXs page so it correctly reflects hours, days, etc, in short form.

2019-10-20 - 0.1.50
Setup Inventory Trunks and Inventory SBCs pages to use jquery/ajax to load data to prevent page timeouts with lots of servers.

2019-10-09 - 0.1.49
Support for timezone correction to dates and times in the system, E-Mail your proper timezone to support to have them adjust your account, preferably in TZ linux timezome format.
Added clocks to the bottom left corner of the dashboards.

2019-10-08 - 0.1.48
Downloading of Recordings now works on 3CX, this feature has been absent for a little while due to a bug, but it is now live again, Servers must be on to use it.

2019-10-02 - 0.1.46
Dashboard improvements, including new feature, click the ID column to enable or disable alarms.

2019-10-02 - 0.1.45
Testing with 3CX Success, Updated version code, System will now show all other versions obsolete.
No version bump as no function code was changed.

2019-10-01 - 0.1.45
Significant upgrades to the backend of the Inventory Phones page, it now loads in batches using jquery to handle extremely high number of devices without a timeout condition.
Significant upgrades to the backend of the Inventory Feature Usage page, it now loads in batches using jquery to handle extremely high number of devices without a timeout condition.
As time allows, all other Inventory sections will be converted to use the new jquery batch loading system.

2019-09-30 - 0.1.43
More fixes to the Dashboards sorting and alert triggering.
Added SBC Pages for Drilling into each SBCs Details by clicking its name.
Removed SBCs from Trunk Pages now that SBCs have their own pages.

2019-09-29 - 0.1.42
Improved photogenics of Demo mode on the dashboard.
Fixed transparency on linux icon for dashboard.
Added Recording Quota to dashboards.
Added Dark Mode Dashboard and changed Dashboard button to Multi-option menu.
Added support for negative extension offsets so you can make a PBX more sensitive to alerting for critical systems.

2019-09-26 - 0.1.41
Added inventory support for 3CX SBCs, with extensive live information on their Configuration and Stats.
Adjusted Dashboard to utilize extension offsets better.

2019-09-18 - 0.1.40
Exposed a hidden Debugging tool to users on the dashboard to make it possible to see api responses.

2019-08-20 - 0.1.35
Added OS Detection and indicators to the dashboard.

2019-08-13 - 0.1.34
Added support for system extensions to be diagnosed on the PBX page.

2019-08-12 - 0.1.33
Small fix applied to Dashboard to fix servers not indicating alarms are disabled if they are in green status with no active alarms.

2019-08-09 - 0.1.32
Tested 3CX V16 Update 3 Alpha and it works perfectly
Updated Trunks Section to better support V16 update 2, and the new Update 3 Alphas
Added new SBC Status data to Trunk Section

2019-07-10 - 0.1.30
Revised Background checkin processing system, minor optimizations in processing.
Revisions to license activation system.
Testing with 3CX, Compatibility confirmed.

2019-06-17 - 0.1.28
Testing with 3CX 16 Update 2, Compatibility confirmed.  No code changes required.

2019-06-13 - 0.1.28
E-Mail notifications for PBX Offline are now working, as is an alert telling you if they come back online.
A Trunk Down E-Mail alert is also up and running as well.

2019-06-10 - 0.1.26
Made some coding improvements that should reduce the CPU cycles needed to poll each server, should see better polling intervals overall.

2019-06-08 - 0.1.25
Performed extensive upgrades to the Stats Chart page, and its ability to help you find outages, high pings, call license limit hits, and other critical info.

2019-06-07 - 0.1.24
Added Support for Bridges and SBC/Tunnel Page per PBX

2019-05-15 - 0.1.23
Minor adjustments for 3CX v16.0.1.273

2019-01-17 - 0.1.22
Added overall view of Active Calls and Trunk Status's on Homepage.

2019-01-09 - 0.1.21
Added support for Digital Receptionists
Revealed Feature Usage page which is a work in progress...

2018-12-28 - 0.1.20
Added Link to go back to current PBXs main page at the top of every module under Manage PBXs section for better navigation.
Fixed some UI inconsistencies.

2018-12-27 - 0.1.19
Fixed a bug in the Disk Usage bar display on the PBX page that was causing usage to read incorrectly on the high side.
Added Port 80/443 option on Non Invasive Firewall Scanner

2018-12-20 - 0.1.18
Added Hotdesking Support, including ability to remote log off users from hotdesk phones.
Moved Manage PBXs button from Settings to its own new Top Level Menu Item.

2018-12-18 - 0.1.17
Added Repeat Offender Central Security section, shows the Repeat Offenders trying to break into PBXs, Aggregated across all PBXs.

2018-12-13 - 0.1.15
Added Eventlog Aggregator inventory section, shows the Event Log, Aggregated across all PBXs.

2018-12-09 - 0.1.14
Added Active Calls inventory section, shows all live calls across all PBXs.

2018-11-26 - 0.1.13
Added Re-Scan button to PBX page, so a user can trigger a re-scan of a PBX.

2018-11-20 - 0.1.12
Fixed search box bug left over from when the codebase was moved from PHP 5.4, to PHP 7 level.  Caused 500 error if you tried to search.
Fixed buttons overlapping on PBX Settings page.

2018-11-17 - 0.1.11
Fixed bugs in the display of IP Blacklist that was causing search box and sort buttons to be non-visible.
Added support for 3CX Parameters.

2018-11-16 - 0.1.10
Added Port Calculator as it is ready for prime time.
Revised Style on Non-invasive firewall scanner to a darker color set.
Made some code improvements to the input validation of the port calculator.

2018-11-15 - 0.1.09
Added Extension offset which allows you to offset how many extensions are able to trigger alerts.

2018-11-09 - 0.1.08
Added ability to send welcome emails from the extensions list.

2018-11-09 - 0.1.07
Added ability to see Extension Details and connected phones.

2018-11-08 - 0.1.06
Added Recording quota and usage on PBX Details page.

2018-11-05 - 0.1.05
Added support for Browsing Recordings and downloading them, including high speed page to page browsing.

2018-11-05 - 0.1.04
Fixed a bug on edit user module which was causing a blank page.

2018-11-05 - 0.1.03
Fixed a bug in the WAF Alert Logs in which no results were showing in the list, events were being handled properly, but
were not being shown in the display due to a bug in the query that was pulling the log.  Exploit attempts will now show

2018-11-03 - 0.1.02
Improvements to the WHOIS query system used in popups.

2018-11-03 - 0.1.01
Added support for FXS/DECT devices including visibility of which Extensions are mapped to them.
Fixed a bug that would intermittently interrupt attempts to reboot, reprovision, or re-register trunks.

2018-11-01 - 0.1.00
Added Module for viewing and deleting Blocked Phone Numbers.

2018-11-01 - 0.0.99
Fixed a bug in the Menu Tiering when the pbxvitals module was loaded causing the menu not to remember your place.
Changed the Dashboard to only reflect a server as offline if it misses two or more checkins consecutively.
Changed Extensions to only reflect Red Status on the dashboard if none are registered.

Added password best practices policy verbage, but no actual code changes, so not bumping version number up.

Revised the background process scheduling to help with refresh rates, polling intervals, and latency, no code changes.

Added some verbage to assist with some features, but no actual code changes, so not bumping version number up.

2018-10-26 - 0.0.98
Adding some help text to the Add and Edit PBX pages to assist users in using the proper information.

2018-10-24 - 0.0.97
Fixed a bug in the retention manager that was mis-interpreting the number of days for retention.

2018-10-23 - 0.0.96
Fixed a bug on the dashboard that caused the authcode to be cancelled out if you disabled sound or switched to demo mode.

2018-10-22 - 0.0.95
Added the Stats Chart page to show the vital health stats going backwards in time for monitoring over time purposes.

2018-10-19 - 0.0.93
Fixed a bug on the dashboard that caused systems to alert if no trunks exist on the system, such as a new system being built, or trunk migration.

2018-10-13 - 0.0.92
Adjusted Offline alerting, and added Disable Sound, and Demo mode buttons to dashboard
Added ability to Disable Dashboard alarms for a given PBX in its settings based on time

2018-10-12 - 0.0.91
Changed Manage PBXs section to alphabetical sort by default.
Slightly adjusted thresholds on Dashboard for RAM and Extentions to be slightly less sensitive.

2018-10-11 - 0.0.90
Fixes to the Settings\Account Settings page to correct action after clicking save.
Enabled Licensing Engine

2018-10-11 - 0.0.89
Change log creation

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