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Central Monitoring and Management for 3CX PBX Servers

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PBXMonitor is a cutting edge system for Remotely Managing all of your 3CX Servers both in the cloud and on-premise, seeing live threat analytics of hits to your devices, Tracking Blacklisted IPs from Failed Logins, Unblocking IPs, Restarting Services with a single click, Refreshing Trunk Registrations, And even running Firewall Checker without ever logging into the PBX.

PBXMonitor also allows you to monitor in real-time, vital statistics of all your 3CX Servers, including RAM Usage, CPU Usage, Extensions Online, Uptime, Software & Firmware Versions, and even Inventory Licenses, SIP Trunks and Phone MAC Addresses per PBX, or Globally.

Easily review the specifications for the server such as its RAM and Disk Capacity, Trunk Status, Latency, and Licensing Status.

Upgrade the firmware of all your Deskphones and SIP Devices in moments directly from PBXMonitor, including ability to schedule it

See Offender Reports on every IP that your 3CX Servers Blacklist all in a single List, Indexed and Searchable, and easily Block an IP from all your gateways with a Single Click.

Stream a Central Blacklist to all of your Gateway Firewalls, Enabling you to block an IP on all of your firewalls in a matter of minutes.

Live Interactive Dashboard formatted for Wall Displays show you at a Glance, vital statistics of all PBXs in an easy to read chart. Devices with an alert automatically jump to the very top of the list for immediate attention.

Incredibly useful for Managed Service Providers and Resellers with many Systems.

Does NOT require any special software, installing agents, plugins, addons, or changes to your 3CX Servers, as long as they are setup to 3CX's recommended directions and your Firewall Checker passes with all Green results!

Supported Devices:
3CX 16.0 and higher (Tested up to

PBXMonitor PlatformNo notes needed.
Central Backup ToolBackup Tool must be run on Windows, but can backup all 3CX Platforms

Now Available Hosted in your Choice of these Locations:
NOTE: Mirrors in Red are available for Provisioning Immediately within 12-24 hours. (Typically sooner)
Mirrors in Orange are not available for Trial Accounts, You can choose a new mirror to transfer to when you purchase.

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Android Developer: Brentt Graeb
IOS Developer: Anthony Beltran

Last Updated: 12-13-2023
Central Management for 3CX PBX Servers
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